What To Consider When Choosing Flooring For Your Home

The choices in flooring are so much more complicated these days and there are many types to choose from.

You can have carpet, tiles, hardwood flooring, vinyl, cork or bamboo so how do you make a decision?
It is important to consider a number of different aspects when choosing your flooring.
Does the area have high traffic? If so, a carpet will wear through more quickly and noticeably than the harder surfaces like vinyl, tiles or hardwood. This in turn means that it will probably need to be replaced when it starts to look a bit worn or even threadbare, which is of course very expensive. For examples, visit https://www.gersflooring.com.
The hard surfaces won’t show the wear and tear like carpets. They are generally more durable, lasting longer before they need to be replaced.
If you have pets this may have a very important influence on what flooring you would choose. Carpets are problematic with dogs unless they are very well trained, and even then accidents can happen.
Also, if the pet loses fur this can require quite a lot of extra cleaning, removing molting hair.
Birds in cages can create a big mess which would be difficult to manage with carpet. Vinyl suits pets very well as timber floors can show scratches made by claws.
Along the same lines, cleaning is a very important issue as it can be time consuming spending time every day cleaning. Hard surfaces like tiles and hardwood show more dust and need to be swept or vacuumed probably every day, to retain a perfect look.
Carpet doesn’t need to be cleaned quite so often as the imperfections of dust and dirt are not so obvious.
For most people budget is a major consideration as the cost of flooring of any kind is a very big expense.
Something to keep in mind when comparing prices is to make sure you get the price, not only for the base product, but also the cost of having it installed. For example, when choosing tiles the cost of the tiles themselves can sometimes work out to be less expensive than the cost of the tiler to lay them.
Usually the cost of carpet is quoted including the laying price but the other types of flooring are usually not quoted in the same way and you need to get a total cost in order to compare accurately. As with anything, the cost will vary according to the quality of the product, generally based on its durability.
A factor which concerns a large number of people is allergies. Many people find carpet a problem for allergies, whereas others find the dust which collects on the hard surface floors is a problem.
An allergy such as these may be the deciding factor if the allergy is serious enough.
All these different considerations are very important when purchasing flooring but another aspect which is much more personal is how it feels. Do you like the cosy feel of carpet under your feet or the coolness of tiles? Do you find the texture of timber more appealing than the feel of vinyl?
Choosing flooring can involve all the above factors but in the end it’s not entirely a design or financial choice but also a question of personal taste.